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Bistro Svetište

Krasno bb
53274 Krasno
Phone +385 53 851 205


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Welcome to the story allocated in the Nature Park of Velebit, at the entrance to the National Park “Northern Velebit”.
When you rise up to 1000 meters above sea level, you can feel a real refreshment of body and spirit. The restaurant “Svetiste” will provide you an unique treatment to your palate, offering some delicious meals prepared with the always fresh local ingredients, some of which we are particularly proud to be the house specialties. Along with the beauty of nature and the environment, those specialties are another reason why you’ll always want to come back to us.
Whether it’s about family, business, spiritual or friendly gathering, picnicking, baptism or wedding, our staff is ready to satisfy your desires!
Please contact us with confidence!