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Nehaj Fortress

Let us tell you a few words about the history of our Nehaj fortress. Fortress Nehaj was erected in 1558 when the Turks and Venice were at the peak of their power. In those bitter times Senj with its inhabitants resisted numerous attacks of the enemy trying to seize control over the town. Ivan Lenković, the capitain of the Senj uskoks ordered all churches and monasteries being outside the town walls to be destroyed and a new fortress on the Trbušnjak hill (62 m) to be built. The fortress erected on the hill top was difficult to access so that it was impossible to carry it. This 18 m high and 23 m wide fortress could be reached by staircases via wooden bridge through narrow double gate The powerful walls 3,30 m thick narrowing towards the top ended with crenel and five small corner towers. They comprised a hundred of loopholes and eleven embrasures. Within the groundfloor right section there was a fire-place surrounded by premises for the garrison and arsenal . The remains of a small Early Romansque church of St. Juraj from the 11 th c. Can be seen here. In the centre there is a triple coat of arms, that of the Gradac archduke who administered Senj in that period flanked by those of Ivan Lenković (on the left) comprising the year of the fortress erection ond of his successor captain (on the right). The premises for the garrison and the captain were on the first floor.

On the second floor works on reconstruction of the former battery with 11 heavy guns have been currently undertaken This is also the place where well-known “Nehaj music perfomances” are regulary organized in summer. The Nehaj fortress keep is a belvedere today. In the old times it was the observation post and the guards were looking out for the enemy approaching the town from the sea or land or received the smoke or lights signals from their neighbours of the nearby islands or coastal region. Thank you for your visit!

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