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Park Nehaj

Park Nehaj is located between the old city centre and the settlement Trbušnjak, about 50 meters above sea level, next to the sea. Fortress Nehaj, symbol of the Uskoks of Senj and the famous history of Senj, is located in the heart of Park. Park Nehaj spreads over 14 hectares around Fortress Nehaj, and it offers a variety of activities for all ages. Monument Kalvarija was built in 1740, which can be seen by the carved number MDCCXL in the bottom back side of the stone portion of a previously damaged cross. Religious believers visit Kalvarija throughout the year. The path to the
monument is a path of cross with 14 stations of cross, symbolized by 14 resting places in the Park.In the centre of the Park, there is a monument to the antifascist movement and all who died for freedom – Kosturnica. The view from the Park overlooks Senj and especially its old city centre – a protected
medieval cultural monument. The hill is intertwined with about 4 kilometres of gravel pathways, ideal for recreation such as walking, power walking, jogging or cycling, and two playgrounds in the Park allow children to have fun and play on swings, slides and seesaws. Sports ground Tenis is a popular gathering place for athletes of all ages. On this polyvalent ground, visitors can play soccer, volleyball or exercise. In the summer, this location is used also as a summer stage for attractive cultural and entertainment events, such as classical concerts, pop concerts, book nights, movie nights, plays and festivals.
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