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Velebit House

Velebit House is a visitor and information centre for visitors to the Northern Velebit National Park. It is located in the Village of Krasno, one of Croatia’s largest mountain settlements. Its recognisable, modern and attractive content, makes it possible to present the natural and cultural values of the Park throughout the whole year. Here you can find out what to visit and to experience in the Park, Krasno and its surroundings, and buy tickets and souvenirs.

In Velebit House you will learn more about the climate, species and habitats, cultural heritage, geology and underground of Northern Velebit. An emphasis is placed on the deep caves as a special peculiarity of the Park. You will become acquainted with the geology and process that created the caves, research history and techniques and gain insight into the specific animal world of the underworld. The special attraction has to be the experience of entering the caves through a special ‘lift’. Mystical and inaccessible to most, in the Velebit House the real underground world can be experienced by almost everyone.

Krasno 96, 53 274 Krasno 
Phone +385 53 665 380
Telefax +385 53 665 390




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