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Since medieval times, the East coast of Adriatic sea has been the main shipping route from the East to the West. Today, there are numerous ancient remains either on land or on the sea bottom, which help us to follow those shipping routes and recall the events from our past.

Our ancestors, experienced sea-men, left us a system of fortresses built on islands’ hilltops with the purpose to control the shipping routes and defend themselves from various enemies. And down under, on the bottom of the sea, there are numerous shipwrecks scattered around – a graveyard of ships caught in a storm or perhaps shot by a cannon ball, beauties that never reached their destinations.

On the other hand, nature has taken care of all those interesting colourful, countless visual attractions which can be found around cliffs dropping vertically into the sea, so called “nature walls”.

In GALATHEA DIVING CENTER you can get all the necesary informations about how to dive on archaeological sites previously mentioned, or how to reach famous shipwrecks, those historical deepsea museums and enjoy in a unique experience of diving through submarine gardens of one of the most beautiful and best protected undersea areas in the world.

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