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Senj Town Museum

It is situated in the palace of the Vukasović family wich was one of the most respectable and most influential family in Senj. The palace was built in the fourteenth and fifteenth century in the Gothic and Renaissance style, being the supreme structure of the profane architecture of the town of Senj. The Senj town museum was established on the 7 th of May 1962 as a cultural and scientific institution with the aim to collect, preserve, classify, study, process, present and publish museological, historical and cultural dana. It also has an educational function taking care of the whole cultural and natural heritage of the town and its surroundings.
The museum houses the archeological collection-lapidarius, the hydro-archeological collection, the collection of the recent history of Senj and the Fatherland`s war, the etnographic collection of the Bunjevac community and the collection of the Velebit flora and fauna. The professional library (Seninensia) with its archive, photo-documentation and paintings is part of the town`s museum of Senj.

Working hours:
july-august   07:00-15:00 
saturday, sunday  10:00-12:00 

other months  07:00-15:00
saturday-sunday    closed


Milana Ogrizovića 5
53270 Senj
Telefon +385 53 881-141
Fax +385 53 881-141


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