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… protected landscape

within the Velebit mountain there are strict and botanical reserves, natural monuments, and 2 national parks (North Velebit). In the category of special protection falls and cove Zavratnica.

Zavratnica is certainly one of the most beautiful bays of the Croatian coast. Looks like a miniature Norwegian fjords. It is only a 15 minute walk along the coast from Jablanac. Until it can be reached from the village Zavratnica, descending from a lookout point sandy path to the bay.

The bay is long 900 m., And the width varies from 50 to 150 m. The canyon rises to a height of 100 m. Due to its natural values ​​even in 1964. Was declared a “protected area”, and since 1981, is an integral part nature park “Velebit”.


According to legend, Zavratnica was formed in strong earthquake back in 615 years, in which they sank three old Roman town in this area. The true origin of the bay however is different. It is due to tectonic movements that have broken carbonate rocks after which the water from Velebit canyon deepened. How Adriatic coast is sinking, so the canyon Zavratnice gradually lowered into the sea and out of it came in the Velebit drawn saltwater lagoon.


In the early 20th century builds the upper path with a belvedere and promenade. Around this time Zavratnica becomes secluded resort town of Vienna and Prague elite. It is visited by many famous people of the time (dr. Miroslav Hirtz, Arpad von Degen, etc.). Magic attractiveness Zavratnica could not resist nor known writer Vjenceslav Novak, who is here finding inspiration for his works.


The bay can be seen the remains of a ship which, in 1944 g. Sunk Allied planes. Ship a real tourist attraction to numerous divers.


Zavratnica is scarce soil, therefore the development of flora and vegetation scarce here. The flora is represented by 129 different species of plants, of which 100 indigenous and 29 introduced species. To halt work torrent, man is in the dry wall built stunts and terraces on which is planted cypresses, Aleppo and black pine, fig, oak and other trees.

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