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Hiking and walking trails in Senj area

1. Senj bypass: Sibinj -Malić-Alino bilo-Krivi Put -Orlovo gnijezdo- Vratnik -Krajačeva kuća- Jadićeva plan – Sijaset – Kula Nehaj- track lenght 50 km
2. Starigrad-Donja Klada: walking trail along the sea with educational tables – about 1, 5 hour of walk
3. Oltari – Zavižan: marked hiking trail – 5h of walk
4. Gornja Klada- Zavižan: marked hiking trail – 5h of walk
5. Jablanac-Turska vrata-Strogir-Alan: marked hiking trail – 4h of walk
6. Siča-Plančice-Alan: marked hiking trail – 7,5h of walk
7. Velike Brisnice-Plančice-Rossijeva koliba: marked hiking trail
8. Premužić trail -The top parts of northern and central Velebit from Zavižan to Baške Oštarije are connected by a 57 km long hiking trail. It was named after its designer, Ante Premužić, the great builder of roads and trails on Velebit.
The construction of the trail took only 3 years (1930 – 1933), but it required the labour of a large number of workers from sub-Velebit villages. The trail opened access to the least to the most hidden and the most beautiful parts of Velebit, known only to few people that far.
Since there are no high ascents (the altitude difference between the highest and the lowest point along the whole of its length is only 200m), people unaccustomed to mountain hiking may enjoy its beauty. There are also several mountain shelters nearby.
The quality of construction and its perfect fit in the natural habitat make this trail a masterpiece of trail construction.